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The Great American Eclipse is Today

By Harbor View Medical Services, PC

There are warnings from optometrists and Harbor View physicians about looking directly from the sun. Doing so could seriously damage your eyes.

An eye-opening alert for eclipse viewing . . .

Just a few seconds can burn the retina and you can have permanent damage. In other words, you can have blind spots permanently affecting your central vision or color vision.

Experts in eye care are weighing in on the biggest sight to hit the area since the year 1442. Doctors recommends ISO certified solar glasses to safely view the sun before totality.

The intensity of the sun is magnified by your cornea and lens. So just like you might take a handheld magnifying device and aim it at a leaf. The leaf would start to catch on fire and you`d burn a hole in a leaf. The same thing could happen with your retina.

The time before totality and after totality is when eye doctors agree is most crucial to have your solar eclipse glasses on, especially if looking up.

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