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Mather Rheumatology Spreads Breast Cancer Awareness

By Harbor View Medical Services

The staff of Mather Rheumatology is proud to take the opportunity to spread the word about breast Cancer Awareness.

Three simple steps:

STEP 1: Breast self-exam (BSE): A BSE is something every woman should do once a month at home. Breast self-exams help you become familiar with how your breasts look and feel so you can alert your doctor if there are any changes.

STEP 2: Clinical breast exam (CBE): The CBE is performed by a healthcare professional who is trained to recognize many different types of abnormalities and warning signs. This in-office exam is typically completed by your family physician or gynecologist at your annual exam.

STEP 3: Mammogram: A mammogram is an X-ray that allows a specialist to examine the breast tissue for any suspicious areas. Mammograms can often show a breast lump before it can be felt.

Reach out to our three convenient Mather Primary Care locations in Port Jefferson, Rocky Point, and Stony Brook, NY.

Or to make an appointment with Fortunato Breast Health Center at Mather Hospital, call (631) 476-2771, Ext. 1 or visit the website.

Rheumatology is a specialty field of medicine that helps in conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. These conditions can be caused by an abnormal immune system and lead to inflammation. This can result in joint pain, swelling, redness and affect your range of motion. Sometimes the inflammation can involve other organs like kidneys, hearts, lungs, blood vessels and more. Some diseases can be complex and would benefit from an evaluation by a Rheumatologist.

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