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As part of our patient-centered medical home (PCMH) initiative, we track several clinical quality measures to ensure we are delivering the best healthcare possible to our patients. Our goal is to increase the percentage of patients who receive these preventive measures. Some of these measures are included below.

Rocky Point Clinical Quality
Port Jefferson Clinical Quality

As part of our PCMH initiative we are tracking all outgoing referrals and how quickly we receive consult notes back from the specialist. Our electronic medical record helps us keep track of outstanding referrals and alerts our care coordinators when a report is overdue. Our results for each practice location are listed below.

Rocky Point routine Referrals
Port Jefferson Routine Referrals

As part of our PCMH initiative, we measure patient satisfaction through a Press Ganey survey. Our goal is to improve our practice operations based on patient feedback. We currently are focused on further developing our office/patient communication. Our results, listed below, are based on a mean score of returned surveys.

Rocky Point Increase Communication
Port Jefferson Accessability of Staff

As part of our PCMH initiative, we are tracking a vulnerable population to make sure they are receiving the same level of care as the general population. Due to the current cost of healthcare and the current economic climate, we chose uninsured patients to guarantee that their healthcare remains a priority.

Rocky Point Flu Shots
Port Jefferson Flu Shots